First Generation

1. Louis, Grand Duke Of1 Hesse-Darmstadt (#27800) was born BET. 1825-1867. Louis, died BET. 1950-1969.

He married Alice Of England 1862. (Alice Of England is #27799.) Alice was born 1843. Alice was the daughter of Prince Albert, Consort Of England and Victoria, Queen Of England. Alice died 1878 at 35 years of age. At 29 years of age Alice became the mother of Alexandrina Of Hesse in Ekatyerinburg (now Sverdlovsk), Russia, 1872.

Louis, became the father of Alexandrina Of Hesse in Ekatyerinburg (now Sverdlovsk), Russia, 1872. Facts about this person:

Fact 1: Grolier

Fact 2: A History of Russia by N. Raisanovsky

Louis, Grand Duke Of Hesse-Darmstadt and Alice Of England had the following child:

child 2 i. Alexandrina Of2 Hesse (#27798) was born in Ekatyerinburg (now Sverdlovsk), Russia 1872. Alexandrina died 16 Jul 1918 at 46 years of age. She married II, Tsar Of Russia Nicholas 26 Nov 1894. (II, Tsar Of Russia Nicholas is #27797.) II, was born 18 May 1868. II, was the son of Emperor Alexander III, Of Russia and Dagmar Of Denmark. II, died 16 Jul 1918 in Ekatyerinburg (now Sverdlovsk), Russia, at 50 years of age. Facts about this person:

Alt. Born 1872

Alt. Died July 16, 1918 Ekatyerinburg

Fact 1: Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy

Fact 2: Grolier

Fact 3: Changed name prior to marriage

Fact 4: History of Russia by N. Riasanovsky

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