First Generation

1. Hugh1 Gentry (#10552) was born 15 May 1769. Hugh died 7 Aug 1840 in Jackson Co., Al, at 71 years of age. His body was interred in Jackson Co., Al.

He married Mary Lane 1791. (Mary Lane is #10551.) Mary was born 17 Dec 1775. Mary died 23 Aug 1849 in Al Or Tx ?, at 73 years of age. At 24 years of age Mary became the mother of Nancy Gentry in Shelby Co., Ky, 22 Oct 1800.

At 31 years of age Hugh became the father of Nancy Gentry in Shelby Co., Ky, 22 Oct 1800. Hugh may be the son of John and Mary (Green) Gentry of Botetourt Co., VA. John left a will but did not name his children. Gentry Bible Record copied at home of Mrs. Lucille Gentry McMillan, wife of W. C. McMillan, and daughter of Robert (Bob) and Lannie (Jones) Gentry on August 27, 1963 by Mary F. Dunn. THE NEW TESTAMENT OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST Translated out of the Original Greek, and the former Translation Diligently Compared and Revised. Philadelphiia: Stereotyped and Published by C. Alexander & Co. Athenian Buildings, Franklin Place. 1834 BIRTHS DEATHS Hugh Gentry born May 15th 1769 Hugh Gentry died Aug. 7th 1840 Mary Gentry born Dec. 17th 1775 Mary Gentry died Aug. 23rd 1849 Sally Gentry born May 31st 1792 ------ Mary Gentry born March 11-1794 John Gentry born March 27-1796 William A. Gentry died September William Gentry born July 15th 1798 24, 18 ? Nancy Gentry born Oct. 22-1800 Thomas E. Gentry died August Elizabeth Gentry born Jany. 17-1803 the 2, 1869 ? ---p. 2 Samuel Gentry died May 1, 1885 Margaret Gentry born March 22nd 1805 Jemima Gentry died June 18th 1872 Rutha Gentry born April 18th 1807 Barbara Gentry born April 18th 1807 Hugh G. Gentry born Nov. 29th 1809 Lydia Gentry born February 17-1812 Joseph Gentry born April 22-1814 Samuel Gentry born August 16, 1816 Camdon Gentry born July 23, 1819 ---- Jemima Gist Gentry born Dec. 26, 1813 (space) Polly Isbell born April 7, 1820 Jesse Isbell born April 18, 1822 Hugh G. Isbell born July 24, 1824 ---- different handwriting: Nancy Gentry born January 25, 1829 ---- different handwriting: Sarah E. Gentry born March 17, 1839 William R. (Russell) Gentry born June 5th, 1840 Mary Ann Gentry born January 22nd 1842 Hugh Marion Gentry born Jan. 22, 1844 Thomas J. Gentry born Sept. 12, 1845 Nancy Jane Gentry born July 9th 1848 John H. Gentry born Feb. 9, 1852 James Alexander Gentry born July 29, 1854 Margaret P. (Paralee) Gentry born July 23, 1850 M. B. Gentry borned Oct. 30th 1859. MARRIAGES Samuel Gentry and Jemima Gist was married May 30th 1838 H. M. Gentry and E. J. Wyatt was married Nov. 21st 1865 W. R. Gentry and N. M. Williams was married Aug. 23rd 1866 J. A. Gentry married J. E. Hoyle Dec. 14th 1879 (very dim: William A. Gentry was born September 25, 1822?)

Hugh Gentry was a bondsman or witness to the marriage of Barbara Mattox? and Samuel Wilks? on 12 Dec. 1798. Taken from Marriage Bonds of Shelby Co, KY 1792-1800, pages 682-707 in the book KENTUCKY MARRIAGE RECORDS From the Register of th e KY Historical Society, Gen. Pub. Co. 1983. There were no Gentry marriages in Shelby Co. There were some in Barren Co and one in Lincoln Co. There were Isbell marriages in Barren, Pike, Perry, Christian and Madison Cos. From Madison Co, KY Marriages compiled by the MO State Society DAR, the first marriage is that of Bartlett Gentry and Elizabeth Timberlake on 13 Feb 1794.

Hugh Gentry was on a tax list in Shelby Co., KY on 29 Aug 1800. Taken from "SECOND CENSUS" OF KENTUCKY-1800 by G. Glenn Clift, page 107. Bartlett Gentry was in Madison on a tax listed dated 1 Oct 1800. There were others in Madison, but Hug h was the only one in Shelby.

The 1810 Census of Kentucky does not list a Hugh Gentry or any Gentry in Shelby Co. Hugh G. Gentry states on the 1860 census that he was born (1809) in TN. So Hugh Gentry probably moved his family from KY to TN between 1800 and 1809. Bartl ett is still in Madison Co., KY along with several others.

Hugh Gentry is on the tax list in Franklin Co., TN in 1812 (Early TN Tax Lists by Sistler 1977). He witnessed the will of William Lendley in Franklin Co. on 9 Aug 1816. The 1820 TN census by Jackson does not list Hugh Gentry, but Mary Dun n says he was on the 1820 census of Lincoln Co., TN. That needs to be checked since it appears that he was in AL in 1819.

"Hugh Gentry, a Deacon and possibly an Elder, was a delegate from Providence Church in Maynard's Cove in 1821, the first year of the Mud Creek Association. John Owens and Levi Isbell, two other pioneers, were also delegates from that church. The minutes of the Mud Creek Association show that Bro. Gentry was a delegate in 1821 and 1822 from Providence Church. This church had a short life in the early Association. She is not mentioned in the minutes after 1823, until much later , when she is reconstituted. The minutes of November 1832 show Hugh Gentry still a member of Friendship Church. He is appointed to cite Wm. Rorex and wife to attend our next meeting and Wm. Willson to cite Bro. Lovelady also. This was not an unusual procedure in thos e days. Again in the December 1832 session of the Church, Bro. Nicholds and Bro. Gentry are appointed to cite Bro. and Sister Rorax and Bro. Lovelady to attend the next meeting. Hugh Gentry is mentioned in the minutes of the May session of 1829 of the Friendship Church. "Being in session, appointed Bros. Hugh Gentry, Levere (?) Lovelady and Oliver Harrison to be delegates to the next Association (1830)." This woul d have made Bro. Gentry a delegate at an advanced age...or it could have been his son, Hugh, Jr. The minutes of old Friendship Church show that, and I quote: "Friendship met on the 3rd Saturday in June, 1828, and after divine service sat in conference, fellowship sought and found, opened a door for the reception of members. Received Br o. Hugh Gentry and Sister Polly Gentry by Incantation." Additional information found after the preceding account on the life of Elder Hugh Gentry is given below. This information was from Mrs. Christine Sumner's collection, "They Passed This Way", a newspaper column published in a Jackson County , Alabama newspaper. The following letter was published, being received from Mrs. Doris Gimpel, Okla. City, Okla. the information given to her by Mary F. Dunn, Henderson, Texas, in a letter dated 30th Aug. 1977. This letter follows: "The main reason I am writing this letter is to identify two of the witnesses to the will of Willis Lindley, 1816, in Franklin County, Tenn. (This man is believed to be Willis Lindsay whose children are later in Jackson Co., Ala.) Hugh Gen try, born 15 May, 1769 in Virginia, was married to Mary, born 17 Dec., 1775 in Kentucky. Hugh Gentry was on an 1800 tax list for Shelby Co., Ky. He is on the 1820 census for Lincoln County, Tenn. and died in Jackson County, Alabama after the 184 0 census." "This Hugh Gentry was my deceased husband's ancestor. Since the witnesses were relatives, do you suppose Mary (Hugh's wife) could have been a Lindley? The old Bible of Hugh Gentry is so old and faded that the handwriting is hard to read, bu t the state of Indians? (Indiana) is mentioned on the inside cover. I've wondered about Gentryville, Indiana. One of the Gentry daughters married _______ Isbell." (Author's note - possibly the daughter of Levi Isbell who patented land near him in 1830. He was a delegate from Providence Church in Maynard's Cove to the Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Ass ociation 1821.) "My husband descended from a Samuel Gentry, who married Jemima Gist, possibly in Jackson County, Alabama. Samuel and Jemima were in Panola County, Texas for the 1850 census." Taken from Early Baptists of Jackson County, AL Volume II Ministers and Lay Leaders compiled by J. Nelson Varnell in 1982.

Some members of the Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Jackson Co, AL taken from the original minutes book in the possession of the church clerk. This copy made available to Christine P. Sumner by Brooks Brown of Scottsboro, a membe r of the church. Transcribed and contributed to VALLEY LEAVES (March 1975) by Christine P. Sumner, Rt. 5, Box 123, Scottsboro, AL 35768. "Following is another list of members in this old book, believed to have been names of the members beginning when this church was organized in 1814 and kept up until the new list was made in 1829. "Brothers Names" 2. Hugh Gentry Dismissed by Letter "Sisters Names" 1. Mary Gentry Dismissed by Letter 5. Elizabeth Gentry Dismissed by Letter 16. Mary Isbell Dismissed by Letter 18. Hannah Biggs " " 19. Nancy Isbell " " 46. Elizabeth Gentry Dead (It would be helpful to know which of the above Elizabeth Gentry's was the daughter of Hugh and Mary. I am inclined to believe she was No. 5 and moved to another Baptist church with her parents. No. 46 could have been the wife of one of th e Gentry men. In trying to determine which daughter of Hugh Gentry was the wife of Ezekiel, it must be remembered that she died in 1824/1825, possibly even in childbirth in July 1824. The above Nancy Isbell could be the wife of Ezekiel.) The ne w list made in 1829 did not have a Gentry listed on it.

!CENSUS-AL-JACKSON-1830: page 117, line 18 Hugh Gentry 1 male 60-70 (Hugh) 1 female 50-60 (Mary) 1 " 15-20 (Joseph) 1 " < 5 (Who is this? grandchild?) 1 " 10-15 (Samuel) 1 " 5-10 (Camden)

!CENSUS-AL-JACKSON-1840: page 38, line 18 Hugh Gentry 1 male 70-80 (Hugh) 1 female 60-70 (Mary) 1 " 20-30 1 " 10-15 1 " 15-20

There were no Gentry's in the 1840 TN census index. There were two in Coffee Co: Green Gentry on page 188 and Nancy Gentry on page 174. The following Gentry's were on the 1850 Jackson Co, AL census: Allen on page 18, Calvin on 88, Camden on 83, Elizabeth on 102 and Shaw on 17.

From FGS in AL Archives, Gentry's in 1830 census Franklin Co, TN 1850 " Coffee Co, TN Lots in Carter Co, TN

Checked MARRIAGES FROM EARLY TN NEWSPAPERS 1794-1851, page 175. Mr. Joseph Gentry married in Franklin County to Mrs. Roache. Taken from the NATIONAL BANNER & NASHVILLE WHIG on Sat. Sept. 9, 1826. Don't know if he is related to Hugh, but Hu gh did name a son Joseph.

Hugh Gentry and Mary Lane had the following child:

child 2 i. Nancy2 Gentry (#10550) was born in Shelby Co., Ky 22 Oct 1800. Nancy died 1824 in Jackson Co., Al, at 23 years of age. She married Ezekiel Isbell about 1819. (Ezekiel Isbell is #10549.) Ezekiel was born in Prob Warren Co., Ky about 1804. Ezekiel was the son of Jason Isbell and Mary 'Polly' Unknown. Ezekiel died after 1880 in St. Clair Co., Al. His body was interred in Al. At 15 years of age Ezekiel became the father of Polly Isbell in Prob Jackson Co., Al, 7 Apr 1820. At 17 years of age Ezekiel became the father of Jesse W. Isbell in Prob. Jackson Co., Al, 18 Apr 1822. At 20 years of age Ezekiel became the father of Hugh G. Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, 24 Jul 1824. At approximately 21 years of age Ezekiel became the father of William D. M. 'Billy' Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, about May 1826. Ezekiel became the father of Zachariah Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, about 1828. Ezekiel became the father of Female Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, before Jun 1830. Ezekiel became the father of Godfrey Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, after Jun 1830. At approximately 28 years of age Ezekiel became the father of John Q. Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, about Nov 1832. At approximately 30 years of age Ezekiel became the father of James P. 'Big Jim' Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, about Jan 1835. Ezekiel became the father of Ezekiel Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, about 1837. At 37 years of age Ezekiel became the father of George Washington 'Wash' Isbell in Jackson/shelby Co., Al, 25 Dec 1841. At 39 years of age Ezekiel became the father of Henry 'Big Henry' Isbell in Jackson/shelby Co., Al, 25 Sep 1843. At 40 years of age Ezekiel became the father of Nancy Emaline Isbell in Jackson/shelby Co., Al, Mar 1845. (See Ezekiel Isbell for the continuation of this line.)

At 19 years of age Nancy became the mother of Polly Isbell in Prob Jackson Co., Al, 7 Apr 1820. At 21 years of age Nancy became the mother of Jesse W. Isbell in Prob. Jackson Co., Al, 18 Apr 1822. At 23 years of age Nancy became the mother of Hugh G. Isbell in Jackson Co., Al, 24 Jul 1824. It has not been proved that Nancy Gentry is the wife of Ezekiel. It is believed that one of Hugh Gentry's daughters married Ezekiel. There is a Nancy Isbell on the membership roll of Mud Creek Baptist Church for 1819. She probably die d in childbirth in 1824.

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