DAY Family

First Generation

1. William Alonzo 'Cub'1 Day (#19648) was born in Chicota, Tx 25 Apr 1862. William died 8 Jan 1892 in Chicota, Tx, at 29 years of age.

He married Mattie Martha Jones in Chicota, Tx, 8 Jan 1882. (Mattie Martha Jones is #19647.) Mattie was born in Jefferson, Tx 23 Jan 1867. Mattie died 31 Jul 1958 in Powderly, Tx, at 91 years of age. At 25 years of age Mattie became the mother of Willie Ceaborn Day in Greenville, Hunt Co., Tx, 3 Aug 1892.

At 30 years of age William became the father of Willie Ceaborn Day in Greenville, Hunt Co., Tx, 3 Aug 1892. There is some confusion about his name. He was a twin and it has beentold that when he married Mattie Martha Jones his twin brother, WilliamLonzo, took his own life. They are both buried in the Red Hill Cemeteryeast of Powderly, Texas.

When he and Mattie married they lived for a while with his parents. Hebecame a Deputy Sheriff in Lamar County. He died of pneumonia afterexposure in the line of his duty searching for a suspected criminal,about six months before his second chil d, Willie Ceaborn, was born August3, 1892. He was after a negro, who had allegedly raped a white girl andwhen the negro was captured he "was burned at the stake" without makingsure he was the guilty person.

William Alonzo 'Cub' Day and Mattie Martha Jones had the following child:

child 2 i. Willie Ceaborn2 Day (#19646) was born in Greenville, Hunt Co., Tx 3 Aug 1892. Willie died 8 Dec 1976 in Arlington, Tarrant Co., Tx, at 84 years of age. She married Charles 'Charlie' Calvin Thomason in Greenville, Hunt Co., Tx, 10 Aug 1910. (Charles 'Charlie' Calvin Thomason is #19645.) Charles was born in Albertville, Marshall Co., Al 15 Apr 1885. Charles was the son of Thomas Terrill Thomason and Frances Palestine Chastain. Charles died 24 Oct 1958 in Sweetwater, Ok, at 73 years of age. (See Charles 'Charlie' Calvin Thomason for the continuation of this line.) She was born near Greenville, Texas and her father was a deputy Sheriff.He died of pneumonia which developed because of his exposure whilesearching for a suspected criminal, shortly before she was born. She hadone sister, Dempsey, who was eight ye ars her senior. Dempsey died ofpneumonia, at 36, leaving four small children. Willie's father, knownas "Cub" Day was a twin, and her mother ran away from home when she wasonly 15 to marry him. Willie, not yet born, and her mother moved in wit hher mother's half sister Emma (Jones), who was then married to Jim Allen,and they lived with that family for 2 years when her mother met andmarried Henry Jasper Burchett, who was then 54 years old. Her motherhad two children by him, Joseph, bor n Sep 4, 1894, and Ruth. He had aten year old daughter, Della, when they married, and who came to livewith them. A letter from George Dudley Smith, a grandson of Henry JasperBurchett, states that he had twelve children by his wife, Lucinda, inMi ssouri, and when she died in 1890 he moved with three of the childrento Hunt County, Texas, Sally, Weaver and the youngest, Della. Willie'smother and Mr. Burchett were divorced. He died in 1929 and is buried inBethel Cemetery south of Greenville , Texas. After her Aunt Emma Allen'shusband Jim died, she was prevailed upon to live with her Aunt where sheremained for several years. While she was still in school her Aunt Emmamarried William Lewalling and had two children by him, Austin an d WilliamJr. Her Aunt Emma asked her to come to live with them and help in thecare of the two young boys while attending school, until she finishedHigh School.

She graduated from High School in Caddo Mills and was married toCharles "Charlie" Calvin Thomason on August 10, 1910. She said thatCharlie asked his brother John to Introduce him to his friend Willie.

Much of the story of her life in that marriage is told in the notesabout her husband. After her divorce from "Charlie" she had a seriousoperation at the Baylor University Hospital in Dallas. She called uponher cousin, Austin Lewalling, to com e with his wife, Fannie, to take careof her boarding house which they did and upon her recovery she sold itand went to Alamogordo, New Mexico where she worked as the manager of theWomen's Apparel Department of Brunnells Department Store. On vacat ionwhen she went to see her mother, she learned that her mother was sick andneeded her so she went back to Alamogordo, resigned from her position andmoved, with her son, W.C., to live with her mother in Dekalb, Texas inthe summer of 1943, whe n W. C. was 11-years old. She became very activein the church and school at Gravel Hill and Spring Hill, near DeKalb.The School Superintendent, Marvin Pines, asked her to take a CountyTeacher's Examination and start teaching in the Spring Hill Di strict.She taught there several years and when the State required teachers withonly Teaching Certificates, to attend college in summer she had towithdraw as she could not leave her family responsibilities. When theybuilt a new High School at Spri ng Hill she was offered the job ofAdministrator of the school lunch program, where she remained until shemet and married Sam Stubblefield, in 1948. Sam liked to hunt and hehunted with W. C., gave him a Remington 12 gauge shot-gun, and taught himt o hunt quail and ducks. W. C. says that his mother may have married Sambecause he and Sam were such good friends, and got along so well. Thismay also be, why W. C. says "Sam was a great man". When Willie and Samwere married they moved to Powderl y, just north of Paris, Texas and livedin his small house. They shared jointly, the responsibility of care forSam's mother, Ida, and her mother and step-father. They bought a housenear-by and her mother and "Uncle" Joe moved into it, in the summ er of1952. Her mother had a crippling stroke in 1956 and died July 31, 1958.Sam's mother had died and they were now free of these responsibilities.On December 5, 1958 at 10'oclock in the morning she and Sam had a head-oncollision with another ca r in the fast moving traffic on the highway,leaving her permanently crippled. Sam Died in St. Joseph's Hospital inParis, in November, 1972. Willie lived most of the remainer of her lifein full care facilities and had a severe stroke April 15th , 1976. Shedied December 6, 1976 at the Mid-Cities Hospital in Grand Prairie, Texas,and is buried in Red Hill Cemetery, near Powderly,Texas near her mother,and Sam.

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