First Generation

1. Murphy Gabriel1 Elkins (#10149) was born 1871. Murphy died 1948 at 77 years of age.

He married Louraine 'Luraney' Isbell in Lamar Co., Tx, 7 Dec 1902. (Louraine 'Luraney' Isbell is #10148.) Louraine was born 17 Feb 1876. Louraine was the daughter of Robert Carol Isbell Jr. and Mary Susan 'Sue' Westbrook. Louraine died 3 Feb 1906 at 29 years of age. At 29 years of age Louraine became the mother of Annie Ophelia Elkins 10 Mar 1905.

At 33 years of age Murphy became the father of Annie Ophelia Elkins 10 Mar 1905. Murphy must have remarried after Louraine's death and had a child Nettie who married a Roberts. Nettie Roberts lives in Odessa, TX at 3722 N. Jackson Ave. Phone is 915-366-3980.

Murphy Gabriel Elkins and Louraine 'Luraney' Isbell had the following children:

child 2 i. Lula2 Elkins (#10150).

child 3 ii. Ophelia Elkins (#10153).

child 4 iii. Annie Ophelia Elkins (#10151) was born 10 Mar 1905. She married twice. She married Charlie Dickson. (Charlie Dickson is #10152.) She married Herman Sikes. (Herman Sikes is #45349.)

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