CRUM Family

First Generation

1. David1 Crum (#40061) birth date unknown.

He married an unknown person. Copied from old Isbell Bible Great grand father Crum, (name David) was of dutch decent. His childrren were Jane, Benjamin, Eli, Mat and Alexander (called Elic). Benjamin, (my grandfather) married Elizabeth McWilliams in Jefferson Co. Ala. Her father, Andrew McWilliam s was of Scotch decent. Grand Ma had a brother James and a sister Elinor. She married William Whittington. Grand Pa and Grand Ma raised a large family. Mother was the 4th child, born Dec 10, 1833.

(The above is a Xerox copy of a record from my father's notes. It is not known when he copied this nor from whose family Bible. It was before 1938 because he had part of his notes typed up in organized form that year and this was part of them . It could have been much earlier or as late as the 1920s or early 30s. I know that he and some of his cousins referred to their grandmother as Grandma Betsy". I remember hearing my father and grandfather mention the Isbells, particularly "Un cle Lewis" and "Uncle Ellis". My father had other notes about them. My father, Wm Benjamin Rutherford, was the only son of George Samuel Rutherford and his wife Luvenia Jane Crum R. Wm. B. was born 21 Sept 1864 in Tippah Co., Miss. George Sa muel R. was born May 17, 1830, in Fayette Co., Tenn. Grandpa George Samuel R. lived with us when I was young. Father (Wm Benj) died Oct 31 1958 at age 94. His mind was clear and he was mentally alert to his very last minute. I am his younges t child. I was born 31 August 1908. Lila Rutherford.)

David Crum had the following children:

child + 2 i. Benjamin2 Crum.

child 3 ii. Jane Crum (#40062).

child 4 iii. Eli Crum (#40063).

child 5 iv. Mat Crum (#40064).

child 6 v. Alexander 'Elic' Crum (#40065).

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