CAIN Family

First Generation

1. Robert Faraday1 Cain (#19760) was born in French Lick, In about 1875.

He married Abigail Marlett. (Abigail Marlett is #19759.) Abigail was born in In North Texas 1875. At 26 years of age Abigail became the mother of Elizabeth 'Beth' Alabama Cain in Taloga, Ok, 23 Dec 1901.

At 26 years of age Robert became the father of Elizabeth 'Beth' Alabama Cain in Taloga, Ok, 23 Dec 1901.

Robert Faraday Cain and Abigail Marlett had the following child:

child 2 i. Elizabeth 'Beth' Alabama2 Cain (#19758) was born in Taloga, Ok 23 Dec 1901. Elizabeth died 8 Dec 1964 in Carter, Ok, at 62 years of age. She married John Grover Thomason 14 Dec 1918. (John Grover Thomason is #19757.) John was born in Albertville, Marshall Co., Al 8 Aug 1890. John was the son of Thomas Terrill Thomason and Frances Palestine Chastain. John died 17 Jan 1957 in Carter, Ok, at 66 years of age. (See John Grover Thomason for the continuation of this line.) As told by her daughter Anna Pearl.

They came from England in the Early 1800s. We have always been proud ofthe fact that an ancestor, Michael Faraday, the inventor, was the brotherof my Gr Gr Grandmother, Mary Faraday. I have a small Bible given toMary from Michael in 1805, printe d in 1804. My Mother's Father was namedRobert Faraday Cain. The Cains came to French Lick, Indiana, but movedto Oklahoma before it became a state. My Grandmother Cain was a Marlett,and have been traced back to the early 1800s when they cam e to theCarolinas from Scotland, or Ireland. I do not know for certain, which.My great Grandfather, William Chesley Marlett settled in North Texas inBowie and Alvard Counties. He married Paralee Alabama Reeves here inEast Texas. They had six da ughters, and one son, Benjamin. WesternOklahoma is full of their descendants. William was a Texas Ranger inTexas. He is registered and listed in the Ranger Museum in Waco,Texas. His wife Paralee was reputed to be half Indian whose father wasJo hn Grayson an Indian Chief for whom Grayson County was named. Williamdied at Taloga, Oklahoma in 1925 and is buried at Oakwood, near Taloga.Paralee died on the wagon trip to Oklahoma and is buried at Ryan,Oklahoma near the Red River crossing. Wi lliam was left with a family ofseven children, one son, Benjamin and six girls. Benjamin Marlett, about100 years old in 1995 is in a nursing home in Binger, Oklahoma. MyMother's name is Elizabeth Alabama Cain and was named for herGrandmother, Pa ralee Alabama Marlett.

My mother went to school in Fort Worth to learn Telegraphy. She becameone of the first women Railroad Agents. She worked several years and wasa good agent. When 1929 came she retired to let men have the jobs butstarted to work again in 1941 du e to the need during World War II. Sheretired finally in 1960 due to ill health, and died in 1964.

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