X Family

First Generation

1. Louis1 X (#33154) birth date unknown.

He married an unknown person.

Louis X had the following child:

child 2 i. Jeanne Of Champagne2 I (#33153). She married Philip IV 'The Fair' 16 Aug 1285. (Philip IV 'The Fair' is #33152.) Philip was born in Fontaineblue 1268. Philip was the son of Philip III 'The Bold' and Isabelle Of Aragon. Philip died 29 Nov 1314 at 46 years of age. At 27 years of age Philip became the father of Isabella Of France in Paris, France, 1295. (See Philip IV 'The Fair' for the continuation of this line.)

Jeanne became the mother of Isabella Of France in Paris, France, 1295.

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