First Generation

1. I, King Of Sicily1 William I, King Of Sicily (#27611) was born BET. 1097-1143. I, died 1154.

He married Margaret Of Navarre BET. 1119-1153. (Margaret Of Navarre is #27610.) Margaret was born BET. 1101-1134. Margaret died BET. 1135-1219. Margaret became the mother of II, King Of Sicily William in Normandy, 1154.

I, became the father of II, King Of Sicily William in Normandy, 1154. Facts about this person:

Fact 1: King Of Sicily 1154-1166

Alt. Fact 1: The Oxford Illistrated History Of Medieval Europe

I, King Of Sicily William and Margaret Of Navarre had the following child:

child 2 i. II, King Of Sicily2 William II, King Of Sicily (#27609) was born in Normandy 1154. II, died 1189 at 35 years of age. He married Joan Plantagenet Of England in Sicily, 13 Feb 1176/77. (Joan Plantagenet Of England is #27608.) Joan was born in Angers, France Oct 1165. Joan was the daughter of II 'Curtmantle' Plantagenet, King of Englan Henry and Eleanor Of Aquitaine. Joan died 4 Sep 1199 in Palermo, Sicily, at 33 years of age. William II (of Sicily), called the good (1154-1189), Norman king ofSicily (1166-1189), the son of William I, entertaining hopes of aMediterranean empire, he sought (1172) marriage with Maria Comnena,daughter of the Byzantine emperor Manuel I, tha t failing, he embarked(1174-1175) on an unsuccessful attempt at conquest in North Africa. Helater married (1177) Joan Plantagenet, daughter of Henry II of England,and launched a campaign (1185), against Byzatuim. Repulsed, he plannedparticipatio n in the Third Crusade but died before joining it.

Source: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99. 1993-1998 MicrosoftCorporation.

Facts about this person:

Alt. Born 1154 Sicily

Alt. Died Sicily

Fact 1: Oxford Illistrated History of British Monarchy

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