First Generation

1. Roger1 Powell (#28915) was born BET. 1260-1353. Roger died BET. 1296-1427.

He married an unknown person BET. 1285-1384.

Roger became the father of Clara Powell BET. 1296-1383.

Roger Powell had the following child:

child 2 i. Clara2 Powell (#28914) was born BET. 1296-1383. Clara died BET. 1327-1460. She married Sir John Adams BET. 1316-1411. (Sir John Adams is #28913.) Sir was born BET. 1291-1380. Sir was the son of Sir John Ap-Adam and Millicent Bessylls. Sir died BET. 1327-1454. Sir became the father of Roger Adams BET. 1327-1410. (See Sir John Adams for the continuation of this line.)

Clara became the mother of Roger Adams BET. 1327-1410.

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