LOPER Family

First Generation

1. Daniel1 Loper (#34860) was born 1771. Daniel died EST 1803-1862.

He married Anna Stone EST 1786-1820. (Anna Stone is #34859.) Anna was born EST 1760-1782. Anna died EST 1803-1870. Anna became the mother of Polly Loper 1800.

At 29 years of age Daniel became the father of Polly Loper 1800.

Daniel Loper and Anna Stone had the following child:

child 2 i. Polly2 Loper (#34858) was born 1800. Polly died EST 1815-1894. She married Joel Davis EST 1813-1840. (Joel Davis is #34857.) Joel was born 1793. Joel was the son of James Davis and Ruth Griswold. Joel died 1853 at 60 years of age. Joel became the father of Anna Sophia Davis EST 1815-1842. (See Joel Davis for the continuation of this line.)

Polly became the mother of Anna Sophia Davis EST 1815-1842.

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