The Isbells of Alabama

The first Isbells to arrive in America came from England in the early 1600s. Settling in New England and Virginia, they became actively involved in the birth of our nation.

Zach Isbell, one of thirteen commissioners, along with fellow settlers including Col. David Crockett purchased land from the Cherokee nation in what is now Tennessee, and in 1772 established the Watauga Settlement, a free and independent Government with the first Constitution adopted in America.

During the revolution, Isbells from the Watauga Settlement joined militia from other towns and defeated the British at the battles of King's Mountain and Cowpens in North and South Carolina. These battles and this militia are presented in the Hollywood movie "The Patriot".

Another prominent figure, Pendleton Isbell served with General George Washington's personal bodyguard throughout the war.

After the war, many Isbell families settled throughout the Southeast. This website focuses primarily on those families who settled in northeastern Alabama, in the area known as Sand Mountain. .

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